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02 ♪ written/action ♪ weak and powerless


[After the excitement of the past couple weeks, Luke is ready to call it quits. Everyone except him seemed to be under some kind of curse, or something... Shifts? Yes, that's what it was called. Whatever the reason, things have been hectic and weird and confusing and he's ready for things to go back to normal.

But... he hasn't seen Guy around, not before the Shifts happened nor afterward. No notes were left behind, no nothing. He thought maybe Guy just needed some space (despite how hard he had clung to Luke in the snow)-- but this is suspicious, and he's wondering if maybe... maybe, he went home.

It takes him a while to muster up the courage to open the journal. He can't trust his voice not to shake, so he tries writing in it instead.]

Hi, everyone. This is Luke.

For those who know him, Guy's not here anymore. I haven't seen him since before things got weird. He would never leave without telling someone, and we sleep in the same room, so I would've known if he got taken somewhere.

[He tries to think of something else to say. It's weird to think that Guy isn't here. Guy is always here, through everything. He was there when Luke said goodbye and he was there when Luke said hello, too.

Still, seeing it in front of him just cements it. He feels his reserves crumble a little. He's a little angry, even though he has no right to be. Guy would never leave unless he was forced to, he knows that, but... he's still mad at someone. Mad at the Malnosso. Luke wants to be home, laughing and traveling with Guy and his friends. Now Guy has to be-- be somewhere else, without Luke. Maybe even without knowing he's alive.]

... I'm sorry.

[He leaves it at that and closes the journal.]


[In the end, Luke doesn't go too far. He's in the woods behind House One, curled up against the gnarled face of a big tree. His knees are pulled to his chest, his head resting on his arms.

His eyes are closed, but he's not asleep. He can't sleep in the middle of the day, and especially not when he's caught up wondering what happened to his best friend.]
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I see. So awkwardly positioning yourself out in public is the more subtle alternative.

[Ah, the wonders of how Luke's mind works.

Jade stands beside him, hovering like a wraith. as he looks down towards him.]

You know that everyone will take turns seeking you out, don't you?
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Perhaps I excel at tracking skills. Or perhaps your hiding habits are easier to figure out than you think. You'll also have to factor that in this world, there's a high probability of coincidental meetings.

[He pushes up his glasses with a light smirk.]

You have friends who were practically born worried. Your journal entry may have formed the icing on that particular cake. But that's beside the point. [They can't avoid talking about Guy's absence forever.]
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[It's a small village. And even so, coincidence just seems to be strong around here.

Jade remains standing as he talks, looking down towards Luke.]

Our little group doesn't exactly consist of masters of communication. [Didn't that cause most of their problems in the first place?] I suppose that you did the right thing by informing the public.

[He quietly glances towards Luke's just before they were clenched.]
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Based on my current experience with Luceti? I'm afraid that the odds of his returning are the same as those of him never coming back to this place. And if he did return, he could return without his memories, such as yourself. Or he could remember any of his previous stays...

[He pushes at his glasses.]

In short, there are too many uncertain variables at play here. If you dwell too much on the possibility, it will weigh on you.
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[Jade's arms are folded as he leans against the tree. Comforting others is not exactly his specialty. But he'll remind Luke of the facts and see whatever effect they make take.]

Being able to say goodbye to those who are separated from us is a very rare privilege, Luke. [It's one he never had with Nebilim.] You're actually quite lucky to have gotten your fair share at Auldrant. In fact, Guy should be living through that in due time now that he's back home.

Simply put... it's practically an impossibility in this world, beyond the letters that some leave behind when they leave. If you're going to put that much stock in such things, I'm afraid that this world will sorely disappoint you.
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That's right. It wasn't until after you arrived that I found out for sure, however.

Guy has yet to travel Eldrant. [He glances down towards Luke.] But you told him what happened to you, didn't you.
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[Jade gives Luke a quiet look. And he speaks in a softer voice than usual.]

That sounds very much like Guy. Why would he have chosen to put his own concerns before your own? That's why you have to be careful in this world, Luke, about the assumptions that you can make in addressing others. I believe it's part of what one would call 'consideration for another's feelings'.
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[It's a lot easier to figure out where someone fucks up from an outside standpoint. Jade goes on, somewhat nostalgically - in some way, he had missed Luke. And he perhaps he missed even talking him through his mistakes.]

I know it won't. Because I know you, Luke. You'll hold onto every mistake that you make, to keep yourself from repeating them. You just have to figure out when you should stop taking this out on yourself. Guy would want you to learn from your mistakes, but he wouldn't want you to spend all your time wallowing in these sorrows either.
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If you do know that, then you will be okay, Luke. You're quite strong, despite your numerous shortcomings. And don't forget that you have many friends who are still in this world. You haven't lost your time with them just yet.
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It's simply because you insist on strictly defining statements as compliments or insults. You know, rather than either of those two, someone could be intending to tell the truth.

[He makes a satisfied 'hmph' sound and lightly smiles.]

I suppose that you're welcome, Luke.