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05 February 2020 @ 04:32 am
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01 February 2020 @ 11:33 pm

Got a minute?
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This is a catch-all post for contacting Luke in Luceti. Please note the date of the intended message and the method in the subject line of your comment. This includes in-person visits, packages, mail, etc. Thank you!
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[After the excitement of the past couple weeks, Luke is ready to call it quits. Everyone except him seemed to be under some kind of curse, or something... Shifts? Yes, that's what it was called. Whatever the reason, things have been hectic and weird and confusing and he's ready for things to go back to normal.

But... he hasn't seen Guy around, not before the Shifts happened nor afterward. No notes were left behind, no nothing. He thought maybe Guy just needed some space (despite how hard he had clung to Luke in the snow)-- but this is suspicious, and he's wondering if maybe... maybe, he went home.

It takes him a while to muster up the courage to open the journal. He can't trust his voice not to shake, so he tries writing in it instead.]

Hi, everyone. This is Luke.

For those who know him, Guy's not here anymore. I haven't seen him since before things got weird. He would never leave without telling someone, and we sleep in the same room, so I would've known if he got taken somewhere.

[He tries to think of something else to say. It's weird to think that Guy isn't here. Guy is always here, through everything. He was there when Luke said goodbye and he was there when Luke said hello, too.

Still, seeing it in front of him just cements it. He feels his reserves crumble a little. He's a little angry, even though he has no right to be. Guy would never leave unless he was forced to, he knows that, but... he's still mad at someone. Mad at the Malnosso. Luke wants to be home, laughing and traveling with Guy and his friends. Now Guy has to be-- be somewhere else, without Luke. Maybe even without knowing he's alive.]

... I'm sorry.

[He leaves it at that and closes the journal.]

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08 February 2014 @ 07:29 pm
[The feed shows a nice view of absolutely nothing. There is, however, the sound of someone spitting. Very lovely. He just woke up with a mouthful of dead rotting leaves. His day is off to a great freaking start, that's what.]

Ugh, nasty! Ow--... ow... ow. [Don't let the nonchalance fool you. He's realizing he's alive. Taking in a deep breath, and letting it out.

He's alive.

... And also FREEZING COLD. But wait until he finds a way home! This is impossible, but maybe-- just maybe--]

Hahah... jeez, it's c-c-cold. Am I in K-Keterburg or something?

-- Hey, what's...

[And here's when he brushes the journal off. Hello, there's a half-naked redhead getting up close and personal, and turning it upside down, and then shaking it out a bit. What is this strange and mystifying technology? It sure as hell isn't his journal.]


[Feeling something tickle his shoulder, he reaches over to brush it off. And then he notices the wings, red with gold tips just like his hair. He has wings. This is not a drill. Luke drops the journal in favor of screaming like the grown man he isn't.]

W-what the hell is going on!?

[NO LUKE DON'T PULL ON THOSE--]OW! [Yeah, that hurt more than anything else in his life. Now he's curled up over his knees again, trying not to cry. He almost blacked out there.]

G-guess they're real...
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01 February 2013 @ 11:35 pm
NAME: Luke fon Fabre
AGE: 18 (actually 7-8)
WINGS: Red with blonde-gold tips.
LIVING: Nowhere yet!
JOB???: thatswhatmakesyouhahaha.mp3
PENALTIES/MISC: None (hopefully not for a while).