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02 ♪ written/action ♪ weak and powerless


[After the excitement of the past couple weeks, Luke is ready to call it quits. Everyone except him seemed to be under some kind of curse, or something... Shifts? Yes, that's what it was called. Whatever the reason, things have been hectic and weird and confusing and he's ready for things to go back to normal.

But... he hasn't seen Guy around, not before the Shifts happened nor afterward. No notes were left behind, no nothing. He thought maybe Guy just needed some space (despite how hard he had clung to Luke in the snow)-- but this is suspicious, and he's wondering if maybe... maybe, he went home.

It takes him a while to muster up the courage to open the journal. He can't trust his voice not to shake, so he tries writing in it instead.]

Hi, everyone. This is Luke.

For those who know him, Guy's not here anymore. I haven't seen him since before things got weird. He would never leave without telling someone, and we sleep in the same room, so I would've known if he got taken somewhere.

[He tries to think of something else to say. It's weird to think that Guy isn't here. Guy is always here, through everything. He was there when Luke said goodbye and he was there when Luke said hello, too.

Still, seeing it in front of him just cements it. He feels his reserves crumble a little. He's a little angry, even though he has no right to be. Guy would never leave unless he was forced to, he knows that, but... he's still mad at someone. Mad at the Malnosso. Luke wants to be home, laughing and traveling with Guy and his friends. Now Guy has to be-- be somewhere else, without Luke. Maybe even without knowing he's alive.]

... I'm sorry.

[He leaves it at that and closes the journal.]


[In the end, Luke doesn't go too far. He's in the woods behind House One, curled up against the gnarled face of a big tree. His knees are pulled to his chest, his head resting on his arms.

His eyes are closed, but he's not asleep. He can't sleep in the middle of the day, and especially not when he's caught up wondering what happened to his best friend.]
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[Ion shakes his head.] You don't need to apologize, Luke.

[He sits back against the tree, trying to read Luke's mood. Guy seems to have been gone for a little while now, so in a way at least his departure isn't exactly a fresh wound. But then again, for him to make that announcement now means it's probably only just sunk in.]

Even knowing it's a fact of life here that people leave just as suddenly as they arrive, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. But for what it's worth, this isn't the first time Guy has left Luceti. So it's always possible he could come back again someday.
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I know. I wish I could tell you it gets easier to deal with people leaving all the time, but... at the very least, you do get used to it.

[Though whether or not that's a good thing is probably still subjective. Ion's own way of coping with the losses still isn't exactly healthy -- but if one didn't find some way to move on from it, they'd probably just always be upset and moping.]

[He notes the way Luke is shifting around. Even though he came out here himself, maybe sitting down wasn't the best idea right now.]

...say, why don't we go for a little walk? It might help to clear your mind a little.
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[Ion nods and then stands up himself, pausing to think for a moment before heading further north towards the forest. There wasn't much that could help at times like this, but spending time with others and trying to keep your mind occupied elsewhere could lessen the pain at least.]

Actually, there's a place not too far from here that I think you'd like. I go there whenever I need to gather my thoughts or get away from things for awhile. It's farther off from the rest of the village, so not a lot of people go there.

[Perhaps it's because people going home always inevitably makes him think of Auldrant, but he can't help but be reminded of another time he and Luke walked together through a forest like this.]

[...admittedly, it's a little nicer with Luke not yelling at him this time.]