yourfononsarewhack: (looking over)
Jade "read the script" Curtiss ([personal profile] yourfononsarewhack) wrote in [personal profile] wildsaber 2014-05-02 04:57 am (UTC)

[Jade's arms are folded as he leans against the tree. Comforting others is not exactly his specialty. But he'll remind Luke of the facts and see whatever effect they make take.]

Being able to say goodbye to those who are separated from us is a very rare privilege, Luke. [It's one he never had with Nebilim.] You're actually quite lucky to have gotten your fair share at Auldrant. In fact, Guy should be living through that in due time now that he's back home.

Simply put... it's practically an impossibility in this world, beyond the letters that some leave behind when they leave. If you're going to put that much stock in such things, I'm afraid that this world will sorely disappoint you.

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