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Asch the Bloody ([personal profile] dissonates) wrote in [personal profile] wildsaber 2014-04-30 08:40 am (UTC)

[fonic link kinda] late mofo fight me

[Gone again.

Asch doesn't know how to feel about this, his emotions and thoughts conflicted all over again. As much as he can feel the loss of a childhood friend and any of the potential for healing old wounds between the two of them, he can feel phantom pains from the scars of the wound that had killed him, the wound made by Guy's father's blade just shy of two years ago. Or perhaps the dissonance was acting up again; lately, with his body, it's been hard to tell.

It doesn't... hurt, though. Emotionally, mentally, whatever. Guy's disappearance. It doesn't make him feel any kind of loss or unhappiness, bitterness or anger. Not like the last few times. Mostly what he feels is numb.

Maybe I've stopped caring. Maybe I know what a waste it is to feel that way.

Maybe I'm just tired.

Probably the most likely of options, that. He's been here too long, seen too many familiar presences vanish without a warning. As usual, forming attachments has only caused him pain. It's a wonder he bothers anymore.

His replica, though... that, he can feel a little, through the link they share. That loss. It's all the more prominent because Asch himself isn't experiencing it. And although he'd like nothing more than to close himself off and ignore the whole issue, create a wall around him to avoid getting closer (and therefore getting hurt again), with Luke...

...dammit. Dammit all to hell.

The link is open. Just a little, not enough to hurt but enough to offer up his presence in case Luke has need of it. The metaphorical door is unlocked and he's here, waiting.

Just in case.]

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