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Jade "read the script" Curtiss ([personal profile] yourfononsarewhack) wrote in [personal profile] wildsaber 2014-04-25 03:19 pm (UTC)


[Jade had been keeping to himself since the shift ended, thinking back on all he had went through. Living another life, spending time in Peony's body, spending several days trapped in the wilderness while shrunken... but what stuck in his mind the most was actually the encounter he had with Luke. The Luke that wasn't this Luke.

Guy's absence had been quietly noted. Jade knew the tricks to determining whether or not someone had left the enclosure; and he had more or less assumed that the others had figured it out. Guy was gone. Jade wasn't sure if he'd miss him - he didn't like to think he had such sentimental attachments. But at the very least, Guy had been a very useful help in taking care of Luke. And he knew that the replica must be taking it hard, especially considering the time that this Luke came from. He must be facing the possibility that he'll never see Guy again.

Jade takes some time after seeing the journal message before seeking him out. Finding him is easy enough; Jade strolls up quietly, with his hands in his pockets, and he greets him with a candid tone as he finds him huddled by the tree.]


You look terribly unflattering.

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